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Life is not about what we achieve; it's more of what we have been able to share. ASHRAY FOUNDATION has managed to liberate itself from the mere shackles of its field of interest. We have developed umbrella features over the years to assist those in need of shelter. Comprehending the difference between liberty and orthodoxy is better once we understand what it's like to live the life anyway and to live it for a purpose. Without even a tint of access to primary needs, the effect of education appeared far-fetched. Initially we took up a hall to facilitate the process of education in the village. In addition the value of maintaining health and hygiene was inculcated through tireless efforts. The case has been similar in most of the villages and areas we chose to work on.

Social welfare

The vision of the organization is sustainable development of the rural and backward areas; empowerment of the vulnerable sections of the society; driving out the miseries of the masses; improving the health and socio-economic status of the deprived; and, bringing the poor into the forefront and mainstream of development.


ASSRA believes in sharing the reference of its name and upholding the dignity if all individuals it comes across. The primary mission of the NGO lies in supporting the people meet the basic requirements of life while empowering them who have been facing abject conditions and oppression.

board of directors

Dr. Amla rana

National secretary

Alka rana.


Mr. Lakandeo Biswakarma

Vice president

Vinay Jha


Shalini kumari


Santosh kumar


Rajni tigga


Monika kumari


Rajdeo rana


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